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Ready to Indulge?

Get the whole Yuma range of gourmet crackers and healthy crispbread. Sustainable luxury is how we call it!


Get the Yuma Discovery Box

Do you want to make your apero chirp? You'll get all 5 flavours of Yuma crackers (90g/bag). And do you want to boost your breakfast or lunch? You'll get the 2 flavours of Yuma crispbread (Nutriscore A!) (150g or 8 / pack). Click below to see what's in the box!

Yuma - Starterbox (Transparant).png

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

We first focused on taste by selecting the best ingredients, all from organic farming for gourmet and healthy recipes !


Then, our crackers are produced in Belgium in an artisanal way with 100% natural ingredients.


And of course, our crackers are a sustainable source of protein fortified thanks to cricket flour !

Get ready because soon we will offer you a whole range of products in which the cricket will have a more and more important place !


So what are you waiting for to crack ? 

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